Here is the ROM, the world's most expensive exercise machine. If you paid for your workouts at your hourly rate, it may pay for itself sooner than you'd think. Then again, almost 15 large is a ton of money.

What is the world’s most expensive exercise machine, how does it work, and how much does the darn thing cost? Most important among the questions you’re probably asking is “Does it really work?” After all, if you’re paying a robust $14,615 for the darn thing, your overriding concern is weather or not you are getting what you’re paying for.

Well, the most expensive exercise machine in the world is the Range of Motion, typically called the ROM – It’s billed as The 4 Minute Cross Trainer. The ROM is built by a man named Alf Temme. You might have seen it advertised in magazines targeted at the wealthy (naturally), and airline passengers. That’s where I first saw it.

The two things that struck me about it were the outrageous price, and the claim that it could give you a complete body workout in only 4 short minutes. Well, my first thought was “You’ve got to be flippin’ crazy!”

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I have not gotten the opportunity to try the ROM for myself, but reports from the field are that it does work, and very nicely indeed. It damn well should, not only because it is so expensive, but because anyone that can afford $15,000 for an exercise machine can also afford a damn good lawyer, and probably has one on retainer. If you were peddling crap at that price point, you’d find yourself on the sharp end of a lawsuit in about the same 4 minutes that it takes to complete on of the machine’s workouts.

Alf has been selling these radical exercise machines for about 20 years now. That is another reason that you can tell these machines are for real. If they were garbage, the company would have faded away a long time ago. Indeed, they do not even do a persistent marketing job on it, instead relying on word of mouth and mailing out a demo DVD. Hell, they don’t even call you to follow up after they send the DVD. That would typically be a big marketing no-no, that even beginning marketing students would recognize.

Their other marketing method consists of letting people rent the machine for a 30 day trial period. The hope is that after the 30 days is up, the people are so thrilled with it that they’ll commit to a purchase. Of course, the other option might be that they may be to embarrassed to admit they just coughed up $1,500 to rent the thing for a month.

The radical machine has been featured in many magazines, and has even garnered a Popular Science  award shortly after it’s introduction. Gyms featuring the machine have been slowly popping up around the country, so if you have one in your area, you can pop in for 5 minutes and get your workout over with. Now you are only going to be able to burn so many calories in 4 minutes, but this machine enables you to recruit so many more muscles in the 4 minutes than you otherwise would, it’s like working out for much longer.

If there is a ROM gym in your area, you can probably be a member there for a good, long time before you’d get to $14,615. If it is close to your house, you’ll probably be able to drive there, work out, and drive home in less time than it would take you to get through your traditional workout. Or, I suppose, you could run there, do a few quick sets of bench presses and squats, then run home. Either way, you’ll get your workout.