You don't have to work out like this guy in order to lose weight. In fact, you can still live a relatively normal life and drop plenty of lbs.

Weight loss can seem like an impossible mountain to climb. There are so many complex diets and exercise routines out there that truly make weight loss an incredibly difficult task to master. While it is true that some habits will need to be changed, your entire life does not have to completely turn upside down in order to lose the extra pounds. Weight loss does not have to rule your life. Simple, moderate changes can be enough to make all the difference you need while still living a normal life.

Many people feel that a normal life entails getting to go out and have drinks with friends, enjoy restaurants and not spend several hours a day at a gym. If you feel that way, you’re not alone. You would be absolutely correct if you believe that it is not normal to bypass social drinking and meals at restaurants. It is also not normal to spend several hours a day at the gym. That is an example of the extreme.

Of course, if you do have extreme habits of excessively eating or getting absolutely no exercise at all, these habits should be altered to a more normal lifestyle as well. It is normal to get at least 20 minutes of physical activity every day. Going for a walk, climbing stairs, a workout routine in front of the TV or a quick jaunt to the gym is normal. It is also normal to stop eating when your stomach tells you it’s full.

So how do you lose weight and still live a normal life? Throw out the fad diets, the excessive amounts of junk food and pay a little more attention to your daily activities. Everyone can make 20 extra minutes to break a sweat. Whether it’s getting up 20 minutes earlier than you normally would or staying up 20 minutes later, it can be done. Everyone can cut back on the junk food. This doesn’t mean to rule out junk food altogether but instead, come up with a healthy balance. Allow yourself a cheat day and make sure you’re getting your daily vitamin and mineral needs taken care of. Supplements are essential to ensuring you’re getting adequate amounts of Omega-3’s and other necessary forms of nutrition. Salmon oil, for example, is a simple and effective option for supplementing nutrition into your diet.

People are often surprised at what a huge difference it can make to add a minimal amount of exercise and make slight changes to eating patterns. Getting adequate amounts of sleep (6 to 8 hours) and working out along with eating five small meals a day is something that anyone can do while still living a ‘normal’ lifestyle. Take a chance on these small but significant tweaks in your lifestyle and you will be amazed at the results.

NOTE: The preceding was a guest post by Eric Rea.