#FatLossFriday – Fat Loss Motivation for Your Weekend!

It’s #FatLossFriday – Fat Loss Motivation for Your Weekend!
Okay, so the weekend’s here at last.

What’s that mean for your fat loss program? Too often it’s relatively easy to stay on track all week, but the weekend comes along and there are so many competing interests. Kid’s sports, date night, yard work (try mowing the yard […]

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Reaching Your Fitness Goals Means…..

Work Until Your Signature is an Autograph!
It’s one of the best motivational statements ever. Think about what it means, and you’ll realize why. It encapsulates everything necessary, and conveys the possibilities before you. You may not want to be in the position to give an autograph, but that’s not the damn point! Reaching your goals requires […]

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Weight Loss Motivation Tips – How Your Mind Can Make it Easy to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Motivation Tips
It’s All in Your Mind

If you’re trying to lose weight you’re well aware that often, the biggest hurdle you must overcome is the one between your ears. That’s right, finding the motivation to lose weight, and the will to stay motivated is the hardest part to weight loss for many people. Take […]

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