Weight Loss Motivation Tips

It’s All in Your Mind

Your brain is the most powerful weapon in your weight loss fight

Your brain is the most powerful weapon in your weight loss fight

If you’re trying to lose weight you’re well aware that often, the biggest hurdle you must overcome is the one between your ears. That’s right, finding the motivation to lose weight, and the will to stay motivated is the hardest part to weight loss for many people. Take heart though, all is not lost. These great weight loss motivation tips will help you fight the battle upstairs, and actually get your mind to be  a huge asset in your weight loss journey.

smooth_fitness_elliptical_trainerWeight Loss Motivation Tip 1) – Set achievable targets.

It’s like many other tasks. Rather than setting your goal as the completion of the entire project, break it up into manageable chunks. Focus on achieving the next milestone, rather than hitting the whole enchilada. If you do that, you’ll start reaching those  smaller steps. Those intermediate successes will fuel your confidence and bring your overall goal within reach.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 2) – Use the before and after strategy.

No doubt you’ve seen many before and after shots of people that were taken at the start of their weight loss program and again when they lost the weight. It’s pretty motivational, isn’t it! Well, you can do the same thing for yourself. Imagine how much more inspirational it would be if that face staring back from the picture was yours.

Take a before picture, then take a new one every 30 days to document your journey to your new, healthier body. If you take a new picture every 30 days to document your weight loss, you’re incorporating the motivation tip above; setting achievable targets. Put on clothes that will let you get a good view of your body, so you can easily see your progress.

Weight Loss Motivation - You Don't need situps

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 3) – Keep a written record of your weight loss progress.

Not only will this help your motivation, it will actually help you lose weight all by itself. That’s right, this technique is scientifically proven to help you lose weight, so not only will it provide you extra motivation, it will help you peel off the pounds too. It’s doubly powerful!

Document your weight in a journal twice a week. Don’t worry if one day doesn’t show any progress. That’s normal. Work towards showing steady weight loss, week to week. The record of your success will fuel more success.

If you can, don’t just measure your weight, but include your body fat percentage too. After all you’re really trying to lose fat, not weight. As you exercise, you’ll gain muscle which is one of the keys to rapid weight loss due to the effect muscle has on your metabolism. That muscle weighs more than fat however, so you can be getting more fat free, but losing weigh as quickly as you think you should be. Monitoring your body fat percentage can help you with a better measure of your progress and give you great targets to shoot for.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 4) – If you’re feeling really gutsy, volunteer to show off your weight loss for a TV show, big blog or magazine.

You can offer your pictures as a testimonial for a weight loss guide too. The motivation provided by knowing the world can see your progress is unbelievably powerful, and can really drive you to achieve a level of success you could only dream of before. This strategy may not appeal to everyone. After being on display for all to see may be powerful motivation for some, but may be downright horrifying to others. Conquer your fear and use to to your advantage. It can really help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 5) – Join a group with similar goals.

If you have a support system of others in your situation, they can really help motivate you, and you them. You’ll have a group of motivated people tackling the same problem together. You can use each other for motivation, but also for tips, tricks, and strategies that have worked  to help lose weight. Sharing that information can make everyone’s journey to slim city quicker and easier.

You may not end up with bodies like these guys, but when you're motivated, you can do almost anything!

You may not end up with bodies like these guys, but when you’re motivated, you can do almost anything!

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 6) – Visualize yourself being thin.

The power of visualization is used by successful people in all walks of life to achieve difficult goals. The secret to mastering this powerful technique is to make yourself really see and believe in your vision. Your mind is incredibly powerful, and will lead you to your goal. Set aside a few minutes each day for visualization, and then remind yourself of those visions throughout the day. You can do it, and those pictures of the new, thin you inside your head will help!

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 7) – Look around

If you’re over eating, look for underlying reasons besides just that you like to eat. What else could be causing you to eat too much? In many cases there is an underlying problem you’ll have to dig deep to find. If you can identify and solve it, you’re battle against weight will be so much easier. It may not be so easy to spot, but once you can find the source, you’ll discover a whole, new perspective. It will be like the proverbial light switch moment. Once the light is on, your motivation to get in shape increases, you can stay motivated, and the weight goes away so much more easily.

Weight Loss Motivation - Super Fit Girl

Yes, she’s super fit, but she’s got nothing on you! Really, if she can do it, so can you! There’s no reason you can’t.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 8) – If you have a family, use them for motivation.

Your family loves you and wants you to be around for a while. You have to lose weigh for yourself, and no one else, but thinking of your family often provides that extra motivational push people need to keep them on the healthy track.

These weight loss motivation tips can really help you fight the good fight. Perhaps the best motivation to lose weight is the success of losing weight itself. Once the pounds start to fall away, and your body fat percentage drops week by week, you’ll be unstoppable! The rush of watching your belt go to undiscovered notches, new muscles you never knew you had popping out all over the place, and fitting into clothes you could only dream of will keep you going like nothing else can.

Now, get to it! What have you used for weight loss motivation, and what’s worked the best? Let me know, please!