Before you try and down some fat loss products to get ripped like these guys, read the label!

Hydroxycut, once one of the most popular weight and fat loss supplements (still is – in a new formulation), was banned this week by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. Likewise, in May of last year the U.S. FDA restricted the sale of Hydroxycut as well, citing health concerns such as liver damage. Since the U.S. FDA ban, Hydroxycut has reformulated their products to eliminate the problematic ingredients. It is unclear weather the new Philippene ban refers to the existing Hydroxycut formulation, or the original version.

In a related south east Asia note, the Philippine agency also banned some Chinese weight loss products, Zhen De Shou Fat Loss Capsule” and Zhen De Shou Fat Loss Tea. In a statement, an agency spokesperson declared “(BFAD) laboratory examinations show that samples (of the two products) contain … amphetamine and sibutramine, or steroids, either singly or in combination with each other. Consumers can be put on imminent danger or injury when using such products,”  Wow! Sounds like the Chinese get the good stuff!

Both of these examples point to why you should always know what you eat. Read the ingredients labels not only on your food, but on your dietary, performance, and fat loss supplements as well. It is ironic that products marketed as being healthy and improving your body composition, in reality contain toxic and dangerous substances.

It is worth noting that Hydroxycut and other weight loss products and fat burners typically contain large amounts of caffeine and natural products that contain caffeine and similar substances. If you are sensitive to them they can cause problems. Make sure you read the ingredients labels of any supplements you are taking or contemplating, to prevent problems. (My doctor told me never to touch the stuff so my heart doesn’t explode. It was a sorry day indeed when I had to give up my morning white Rock Star. Cinnamon tea just isn’t the same)

Some fat burning drinks contain sugar, which is ironic because sugar does its best to actually make you fat. Once again, read the ingredients before you buy. The same goes for protein and energy bars, many of which are loaded with unhealthy ingredients and have as much saturated fat as a hamburger. Check out my post on the Top Protein Bars – What’s Hiding in There?