Burn Fat, Not Muscle – A New U.S. Army Study Study Reveals the Secret

How to Burn Fat, Not Muscle
New U.S. Army Study Study Reveals the Secret
If you’ve been training for a while, or you’re just starting to lose weight, burning the far while keeping your muscle might seem like a moving target; almost impossible to hit. Simply put though, that is the key to success in weight loss. […]

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Obesity In The Military: Are We TOO FAT TO FIGHT?

In recent months a new national security threat has been discussed among military leaders, politicians, and news agencies throughout the country; namely, the United States is too damn fat to fight. There was even a report by that title authored by a ton of ex-military brass on how overweight youth are undermining our national readiness.

Other […]

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Army Adopts “The Biggest Loser”

Well they aren’t actually having Jillian and Bob train new recruits, but they’ve had such a number of fat recruits in the last few years they’re having a problem meeting recruiting goals. A report released this morning by the AP says that almost 50,ooo potential new army recruits flunked the entrance exam due to their […]

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