First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks on Healthy Food Choices for Kids – Is She Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

First Lady Michelle Obama was out today, talking to a meeting of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association. She said they need to re-formulate and repackage their wares so they are healthier for America’s children. While she has a great point, and improving the eating habits of America’s children (and their parents) is definitely a laudable goal, […]

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Quick and Easy Weight Loss Tips

In our busy world, one thing we never seem to have enough of is that life crack that Father Time’s sellin’. Many people would love to spend their days skiing, playing tennis, lifting weights, and riding their bike. The sad reality is that after they bust their butts for 10 hours and drag themselves home […]

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How to Keep From Gaining Weight Back After You’ve Lost It

It’s no secret; losing weight can be incredibly difficult. Obesity is now one of the most serious health problems in the United States, with approximately one third of the population being classified as obese. A quick look around can help you confirm this for yourself.

Why are so many more people overweight now than 30 years […]

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The New Atkins Diet – The Latest Version of a Classic Diet Book

The Atkins diet is like Kleenex or Xerox. In the minds of many it is a generic term for the low carb diet. People say “I’m going on the Atkins Diet” when they’re not really going on the Atkins diet, they’re just cutting out most of their carbs. That’s when you know something has been […]

By |March 2nd, 2010|Diet|3 Comments

New Study: Dairy Products Can Help You Lose Weight

I have been a proponent of using low fat yogurt as part of a fat loss and muscle building diet for some time now. My personal experience and numerous studies indicate it works great. Now there is a new study, this one by some scientists down under at Curtin University of Technology, one of Australia’s […]

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How to Lose Weight – 4 Simple Things You Can Do to Drop Those Extra Pounds

Being overweight is a problem worldwide. In fact, the World Health Organization recently discovered that more people around the world actually die from being fat than from hunger or malnutrition. It’s shocking in this day of information at your fingertips that many people simply don’t know how to lose weight.

Sure, they know “eat less and […]

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Cinnamon and Weight Loss – A Match Made in Heaven?

Cinnamon and Weight Loss – Heavenly Match?
As America and much of the western world grows more obese every year, many people are looking to discover the reasons why. In many cases, the reason comes down to one main culprit; diet. Too many processed foods with too much refined sugar and other high glycemic index carbohydrates. […]

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How to Lose Belly Fat – Super Easy Ways to Fight Fat Everyday

Belly fat is somewhat of a dirty word these days, and with good reason. Science is discovering that it is much more dangerous than other kinds of fat. Belly fat is a concentration of visceral fat in your abdominal region. Visceral fat is packed around your internal organs, potentially contributing to a plethora of problems, […]

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The Top 5 Weight Lifting Supplements – Can They Make You Bigger, Stronger, and Faster?

The Top 5 Weight Lifting Supplements
Can They Make You Bigger, Stronger, and Faster?
If you’re in an intense weight training program, you may reach a point where you have trouble supplying your body with the nutrients is needs in order for you to make good progress. Sure, you can just eat, and eat, and eat, but that […]

By |January 13th, 2010|supplements|3 Comments

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight – And Help Hit Your New Year’s Resolution.

As the New Year is upon us, many people are looking for the fastest way to lose weight to help satisfy their new year’s resolution. If your resolution for 2010 includes losing weight, read on. You’ll discover the fastest way to lose weight, and some myths that can keep you from making all the progress […]

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How to Lose Fat and Maintain Muscle – Do it Right and You Can Even Gain Muscle

One of the most difficult things to do when you’re trying to lose fat is to lose the fat and maintain the muscle. Here is how to lose fat and maintain muscle at the same time. In fact, you can even lose fat and gain muscle. How would that be?

Losing fat often entails losing muscle […]

By |December 8th, 2009|Diet|1 Comment

The Benefits of Drinking Water – Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

Many health sources extol the benefits of drinking water, but what are those benefits, and do they include helping you to lose weight? If you’ve read this blog much, you’ll know that water can be beneficial to weight loss, but how much should you drink and why does it help you lose weight?

First of all, […]

By |October 23rd, 2009|Fat and Fitness Research|2 Comments
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