The New Food Guide Pyramid – Will It Really Help You Lose Fat?

The original food guide pyramid has been with us since the USDA released it in the 1960s as a response to the nation’s growing problem with heart disease. It’s hard to find too many people who haven’t at least seen the pyramid, even if they aren’t really sure what it says. The food pyramid that […]

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Smart Choices Food Labels – One of the Biggest Scams in Marketing History?

Smart Choices Food Labels
One of the Biggest Scams in Marketing History?
Are smart choices really smart? Well, let’s see here…I suppose if you’re head of marketing for one of the major food companies you can darn sure bet that Smart Choices seem smart. After all, how else could you purvey such sugar laden fare as Lucky […]

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New Fat Loss Discovery Could Help You Lose Fat Faster

Turmeric Fat Loss Discovery May Help You Lose Fat Faster
Did you know there is a common spice you may already have in your kitchen that may help you lose fat faster and easier? It’s true; the spice turmeric has a compound, called curcumin, that new research has shown actually starve fat cells, preventing their growth […]

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Diet or Exercise – Which is More Important For Weight Loss?

There has been an ongoing debate for about as long as people have been trying to lose weight; what is more important, diet or exercise? The reality is that you can lose weight by using either strategy, but it depends on a couple of things. The most important one of which is your diet. If […]

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What is the Best Way to Lose Weight in a Week?

One question I’m often asked, especially by people that have a social event or are going to see someone they haven’t seen for a while is “What is the best way to lose weight in a week?” Unfortunately for those in such a predicament, the answer to their question probably isn’t what they want to […]

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What are the Best Foods That Can Help Me Lose Weight?

If you’re trying to drop a few (or more) pounds, probably one of the first questions you wanted an answer to was “What are the foods that can help me lose weight?” It is an excellent question. Unlike many things you may try to control, food is a necessity, and you’ll need to cross paths […]

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How Much Protein Do I Need? Find Out Here

How Much Protein Do I Need?

If you’re just getting into fitness or bodybuilding, you may well ask the question “How much protein do I need?” It’s a great question to ask, and the answer isn’t the same as you’d get if you asked the question and your daily activity did not include heavy training or […]

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Fish Oil SIde Effects – Read This Now!

Are there any fish oil side effects? Is fish oil harmful? After all, any oil is 100% fat and we have been told for years to cut fat from our diet. Thankfully, fish oil has been the subject of numerous studies of late, so there is ample evidence of its side effects and its effect […]

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How to Lose Belly Fat – An Easy to Follow Plan for Success

If you want to discover how to lose belly fat, you’re reading the right post. Why is it so important to lose your belly fat? A study by Tobias Pischon, MD, MPH was published in the November 12, 2008 edition of the The New England Journal of Medicine . The European study is the most […]

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Does Eating Fruit Make You Fat?

One piece of weight loss advice many diet gurus give is to eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on processed junk foods. Is that really good advice? Well, you know that enough of anything can make you fat. A new study is out that you may think stands that diet guru advice on […]

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Getting in Shape Fast – How Can I Do It?

If you’re like most Americans, you’re not in the best shape. That’s especially true if you’ve past the ripe, old age of 30. Your time playing high school football has receded into a distant memory, and thanks to the pressures of modern life, you’ve packed on a few more pounds than you envisioned carrying at […]

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Calories Needed Per Day – How Many Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Probably the first thing that comes to most people’s mind when it comes to losing weight is calories. You’re always hearing about counting calories when the talk revolves around diets, but what’s the use in counting them if you don’t know how many calories you need per day to lose weight.

The number of calories you […]

By |May 15th, 2009|Diet|1 Comment
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