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Fun Workouts That Burn Fat for Summer

Okay, despite the kind of icy temperatures we’re enduring in the top half of the country this spring, summer’s almost here. You know what that means: mercury rising, outdoor activities, and a renewed push to burn fat left over from a winter of relative inactivity and too many second helpings.

Sure, burning off your extra fat […]

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Benefits of Biking – How You Can Burn Calories and Lose Fat Biking

Biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities. Many people even pursue it indoors, either on tracks or stationary bikes. Popularity aside, what are the benefits of biking? How many calories can you burn biking and is it a good way to lose fat?

Biking has obvious cardio vascular benefits. You need only to look […]

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The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat – High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity is the best way to lose belly fat (or any other kind) without spending hours grunting, groaning, and sweating. In fact high intensity interval training has been clinically proven to be more effective for the time spent than other types of exercises to burn fat and increase cardiovascular fitness. High intensity resistance training […]

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Quick Fat Burning Exercises – Don’t Miss These

One of the things about being busy, weather you’re raising kids, have a busy professional life, or are a student with a heavy course load, is finding the time to exercise. That’s where some quick, fat burning exercises come in. For an exercise program like this you want efficiency; the maximum long term fat burning […]

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Power Cleans – One of the Best Fat Loss and Muscle Building Exercises

If you were going to choose just one exercise to build muscle, boost your metabolism and burn fat, it would be hard to beat power cleans. The muscles used in power cleans include most of the major muscle groups except those in your chest and the triceps; hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, lats, trapezius, deltoids, and biceps […]

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