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Healthy Cooking Oils – Which Popular Cooking Oils Can Send You to an Early Grave (and Which Can’t)?

Healthy Cooking Oils
Don’t Let the Wrong Oil Kill You

As many of us prepared to deep fry our turkeys for Thanksgiving the other day, the subject of  cooking oil naturally came to mind. Many people take it on faith that cooking oils are bad, and there is really no such thing as a healthy cooking oil. […]

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Foods That Speed Metabolism

Foods That Speed Metabolism
Metabolism Unlocks Your Fat Loss Door
Here is one of the big secrets to weight loss, except that it isn’t really such a secret:

Your metabolism, or more correctly, your metabolic rate, is one of the primary factors that will influence weather you lose weight or not. One of the keys to speeding your […]

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How to Choose the Best Yogurt Maker

If you love yogurt, you may want to make it at home. Yes, you really can make the stuff you find in those little, 6oz plastic cups right in your very own kitchen. If you don’t like it all that much, you may well want to learn to like it when you see how much […]

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Top Foods That Burn Fat

So, you want to lose some of that fat, do you? Welcome to the party! Millions of people are looking to lose fat at any given time, and for most, it is within their grasp if they make some small changes. If you want to burn off 20 or 30 lbs, you can make it […]

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The Ab Diet – the Lucky 13 Foods

If you’re trying to get lean and show off your abs in time for summer, it’s time for the Ab Diet. Eat the right combinations of these foods and you’ll watch the fat just melt away, leaving your 6-pack abs there for all to see.

There are two components to being lean; diet and exercise. The […]

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3 Top Foods That Help to Lose Belly Fat

Here are 3 great foods that help to lose belly fat. Keep in mind that although you can eat comparatively large quantities of these foods, that does not mean they’re a license to go Kobayashi. They are a fantastic help when it comes to losing fat though. Remember that while the goal is to lose […]

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