Do Parents Push Kids Too Hard in Sports and is it Necessary?

Do parents push kids too hard in sports? 
Is it necessary in this highly competitive world?
My soon-to-be 5th grader plays football, and as the season gets underway again this year, I find myself fighting the urge to give him the extra nudge he sometimes needs to stay focused.

After all, boys will be boys, and that sometimes […]

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Benefits of Swimming – Can it Help Me Lose Weight?

Swimming is a wonderful activity that can cool you off on a summer day or be a great way to exercise. The benefits of swimming however, extend far beyond those two popular attributes. From an exercise perspective swimming is fantastic because it is zero impact. If you are heavy or have knee or ankle problems, […]

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The Absolute Best Ab Workout – This One is Different, and Scientifically Proven

The Absolute Best Ab Workout
This One is Different, and Scientifically Proven

Okay, let’s get one thing straight right now; even the ABSolute best ab workout is not going to give you a flat stomach or a nice 6-pack down there unless you do one thing. What is that?

It’s simple, lose the layer of fat obscuring your […]

By |November 6th, 2009|ab routines|2 Comments

The Belly Fat Loser Top 10 Reasons to Exercise

Top 10 Reasons to Exercise

Everyone just knows exercise is important, don’t they? Are there really reasons to exercise? You bet! Here are the top 10 reasons you should put down the remote, turn off 24 (you do have it on Tivo, don’t you?), and hit the weights or treadmill. We can go into what kind […]

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The Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance bands are gaining in popularity because the bands are cheap, versatile, and can be easily packed away for traveling or storage (just don’t store them too long, you have to actually use them). You can do exercises for every body part with resistance bands, and in many cases you need less ancillary equipment because […]

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Army Adopts “The Biggest Loser”

Well they aren’t actually having Jillian and Bob train new recruits, but they’ve had such a number of fat recruits in the last few years they’re having a problem meeting recruiting goals. A report released this morning by the AP says that almost 50,ooo potential new army recruits flunked the entrance exam due to their […]

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Fitness Training Tips to Help You Lose Fat

Fitness training can be confusing. After all, there is more advice about this stuff than there are people giving it. Here are some great fitness training tips to help you on your journey to a trimmer body and relaxed mind.

Fitness Training Tip 1 – Warm up and stretch before you begin any routine.

It will help […]

By |January 11th, 2009|fitness|1 Comment

Wii Fit Games – Making Fat Loss Fun?

Last year the Nintendo Wii was so popular that there were fights and lines to get one of them. I got a Wii last year only because a friend of mine was in a store that happened to have one left. He knew I wanted one, so he picked it up for me. Many others […]

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Best Thermogenics – Fat Burning Substances

What are Thermogenics, and Can They Actually Melt the Fat From Your Body?

What do thermogenics do, and can they help you burn fat? What are the best Thermogenics? Thermogenisis is the process of metabolic induced heat generation in the body. Thermogenics are foods that either do, or are purported to cause thermogenisis. Why would anyone […]

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Fitness Instructor Dies During Class

Donald Davis, only 46 years old, died earlier this week while teaching a step aerobics class in Cherry Hill NJ. This points to the importance of having a thorough physical exam before beginning any exercise program. Mr. Davis was an avid athlete and Sunday school teacher, so presumably he lived a very clean life. […]

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Knee Injuries and Prevention

Knee injuries are something that most people deal with, espcially those involved in sports.  Most knee injuries are caused from improper impact forces upon the knee joint because of improper lower body postural alignment.  A good way to check if one has good lower body posture is to sit in a chair in front of […]

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