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How to Increase Your Vertical Jump For Football

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump For Football – Power Tips
If you’re a football player, few training questions get as much attention as how to increase your vertical jump. It’s is a key measure of explosiveness. That’s why it’s one of the metrics used by the NFL at their annual combine to evaluate potential NFL football […]

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Great, Quick Ways to Build Muscle Without Weights

Quick Ways to Build Muscle Without Weights
You know, you can build muscle without weights. It’s true. Some of the most famous athletes of all time looked like they could bench press a truck, yet never touched a weight. Probably the best known of these is NFL star Herschel Walker,

who built plenty of muscle using only […]

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Fitness Training Tips

Weather you’re trying to make good on your new year’s resolution or just plain want to lose some fat, gain some muscle, and get in better shape, it’s always tough to balance your quest for getter fitness with the rest of your busy life. To that end here are some fitness training tips you can […]

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Fitness Training Tips to Help You Lose Fat

Fitness training can be confusing. After all, there is more advice about this stuff than there are people giving it. Here are some great fitness training tips to help you on your journey to a trimmer body and relaxed mind.

Fitness Training Tip 1 – Warm up and stretch before you begin any routine.

It will help […]

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