How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Once and For All and Get an Early Start on Your New Year’s Resolution

‘Tis the season to get rid of belly fat. Actually, that starts next week. This is still the season to gain it for most people. They’ll be making all sorts of promises they have every intention of, but little chance of actually keeping vis-a-vis their fat loss goals for the new year. Here is how […]

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A Healthy Chicken Recipe to Help You Lose Weight – But Not Because the Food Tastes Bad!

Healthy Chicken Recipes
Face it, many of our best intentions for new year’s weight loss resolutions will be forgotten by the time we’re reaching for that second beer during the Superbowl. It’s sad, but that’s about as far as most people go, despite their best intentions. In some cases, it’s because the food that many people […]

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Smart Choices Food Labels – One of the Biggest Scams in Marketing History?

Smart Choices Food Labels
One of the Biggest Scams in Marketing History?
Are smart choices really smart? Well, let’s see here…I suppose if you’re head of marketing for one of the major food companies you can darn sure bet that Smart Choices seem smart. After all, how else could you purvey such sugar laden fare as Lucky […]

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New Fat Loss Discovery Could Help You Lose Fat Faster

Turmeric Fat Loss Discovery May Help You Lose Fat Faster
Did you know there is a common spice you may already have in your kitchen that may help you lose fat faster and easier? It’s true; the spice turmeric has a compound, called curcumin, that new research has shown actually starve fat cells, preventing their growth […]

By |July 10th, 2009|Fat and Fitness Research|2 Comments

Diet or Exercise – Which is More Important For Weight Loss?

There has been an ongoing debate for about as long as people have been trying to lose weight; what is more important, diet or exercise? The reality is that you can lose weight by using either strategy, but it depends on a couple of things. The most important one of which is your diet. If […]

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A Diet to Lower Cholesterol – You’ll Probably Lose Fat at the Same Time

People with high cholesterol can’t blame it all on their diet. Heredity plays a role in your cholesterol level too. As a commercial a few years ago use to proclaim, if your aunt Lucinda had a 250, or cousin Harold died of a heart attack with a 268, you better make your way down to […]

By |December 31st, 2008|Diet|2 Comments
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