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Why Some Fish You Eat Has Almost No Omega-3, and Might Actually Be Dangerous to Eat!

Many health experts extol the benefits of eating fish. I eat it all the time. After all, fish is a fantastic source of complete protein and is loaded with the Omega-3 fatty acids that we’re always being told are great for our cardio-vascular systems. Studies and anecdotal evidence has even show that Omega-3s can help […]

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Morning Wake and Power Breakfast Shake

Here is a great shake you can make in the morning that will get you started on the right foot. It will power your body with nutrients for the day, and keep you going without making you feel heavy. It will get your metabolism going so you burn fat from the beginning. It’s also full […]

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Foods That Speed Metabolism

Foods That Speed Metabolism
Metabolism Unlocks Your Fat Loss Door
Here is one of the big secrets to weight loss, except that it isn’t really such a secret:

Your metabolism, or more correctly, your metabolic rate, is one of the primary factors that will influence weather you lose weight or not. One of the keys to speeding your […]

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Is Chocolate Bad For Your Health?

Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite treats. It is especially popular in North America and Western Europe. Americans alone gobbled down over 3 billion pounds of chocolate last year, and yes, that is billion with a “B”. The most chocolate indulgers are the Swiss and Austrians, whose citizens average over 20lbs per person each […]

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Healthy Fast Food Choices – You Can Lose Weight on a Fast Food Diet

Healthy Fast Food Diet Choices

It’s a fact of life today that too many people rely on a fast food diet to keep them going. The demands of time, screaming kids, and sometimes outright laziness,  get us going up to the drive through window way more often than is nutritionally prudent. What if I told you […]

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First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks on Healthy Food Choices for Kids – Is She Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

First Lady Michelle Obama was out today, talking to a meeting of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association. She said they need to re-formulate and repackage their wares so they are healthier for America’s children. While she has a great point, and improving the eating habits of America’s children (and their parents) is definitely a laudable goal, […]

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New Study: Dairy Products Can Help You Lose Weight

I have been a proponent of using low fat yogurt as part of a fat loss and muscle building diet for some time now. My personal experience and numerous studies indicate it works great. Now there is a new study, this one by some scientists down under at Curtin University of Technology, one of Australia’s […]

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Cinnamon and Weight Loss – A Match Made in Heaven?

Cinnamon and Weight Loss – Heavenly Match?
As America and much of the western world grows more obese every year, many people are looking to discover the reasons why. In many cases, the reason comes down to one main culprit; diet. Too many processed foods with too much refined sugar and other high glycemic index carbohydrates. […]

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The New Food Guide Pyramid – Will It Really Help You Lose Fat?

The original food guide pyramid has been with us since the USDA released it in the 1960s as a response to the nation’s growing problem with heart disease. It’s hard to find too many people who haven’t at least seen the pyramid, even if they aren’t really sure what it says. The food pyramid that […]

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Smart Choices Food Labels – One of the Biggest Scams in Marketing History?

Smart Choices Food Labels
One of the Biggest Scams in Marketing History?
Are smart choices really smart? Well, let’s see here…I suppose if you’re head of marketing for one of the major food companies you can darn sure bet that Smart Choices seem smart. After all, how else could you purvey such sugar laden fare as Lucky […]

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What is the Best Way to Lose Weight in a Week?

One question I’m often asked, especially by people that have a social event or are going to see someone they haven’t seen for a while is “What is the best way to lose weight in a week?” Unfortunately for those in such a predicament, the answer to their question probably isn’t what they want to […]

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What are the Best Foods That Can Help Me Lose Weight?

If you’re trying to drop a few (or more) pounds, probably one of the first questions you wanted an answer to was “What are the foods that can help me lose weight?” It is an excellent question. Unlike many things you may try to control, food is a necessity, and you’ll need to cross paths […]

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