Dieting Increases Belly Fat

If there is one prevailing myth in the health industry, it’s the cookie-cutter theory that reducing your calorie intake will not only help you to slim down – it will also improve your health.  While there might be a few exceptions, and there’s no question that fitness and bodybuilding competitors […]

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Hemp Protein – Is This “Secret” Protein Really Better than Whey Protein for Building Muscle, Losing Fat, and Overall Health?

Hemp Protein – Is It Really Better than Whey Protein?

If you’ve never heard of hemp protein or its benefits, that’s quite okay. I have been heavily involved in health and fitness for 25 years and thought I knew most of the important things about diet and nutrition.

After all, I’ve talked constantly to everyone from bodybuilders to […]

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Foods That Speed Metabolism

Foods That Speed Metabolism
Metabolism Unlocks Your Fat Loss Door
Here is one of the big secrets to weight loss, except that it isn’t really such a secret:

Your metabolism, or more correctly, your metabolic rate, is one of the primary factors that will influence weather you lose weight or not. One of the keys to speeding your […]

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How to Lose Fat and Maintain Muscle – Do it Right and You Can Even Gain Muscle

One of the most difficult things to do when you’re trying to lose fat is to lose the fat and maintain the muscle. Here is how to lose fat and maintain muscle at the same time. In fact, you can even lose fat and gain muscle. How would that be?

Losing fat often entails losing muscle […]

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Proper Nutrition for Athletes – What You Need to Know Now

Proper Nutrition for Hard Training Athletes
Weather you’re an elite college or professional level athlete, a weekend ball player, or a person trying to lose fat who has embarked on a very ambitious training program there is one thing for sure; you have different nutrition requirements than the average person. The demands you place upon your […]

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Fat Loss and Nutrition Trends Affected by the Economy

According to a press release today by the Calorie Control Council, the nation’s fat loss and nutrition trends will be affected by the economy. It makes sense, really because one of the largest expense categories for many people is food, and any decrease in their personal income could definitely affect what they eat. Many inexpensive […]

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