Look in the comments section of this post to find used exercise equipment for sale. I’ll let people post ads for sale and wanted used exercise equipment, unless it gets out of hand and my spam filter can no longer keep up.

Why buy your gear used? To save money, of course. Although it is showing signs of improving, the economy definitely at its’ best right now. When times are tough, any way to save money is welcome indeed. Fewer people are going to be dropping by Gold’s to sign a contract for $79.00 a month when it’s a choice between that or cable Internet access. The ironic thing is that losing your health is the last thing you want to have happen when times are tough. Medical bills and time off work are a huge financial drain, so maintaining your health is paramount.

Working out at home is a fantastic alternative to joining a gym, but home exercise equipment isn’t cheap. A good set of adjustable dumbbells, an adjustable bench, and if you have the space and the cash, an all-in-one home gym, can let you do about anything you want. The problem is that all of that stuff can add up in a hurry, especially if you buy it new.

An excellent alternative is to buy your exercise equipment used. After all weights don’t really wear out. They still weigh the same after thousands of uses, and the saying “It wears like iron.” didn’t come about because iron wears out quickly. That barbell and stack of plates still works like new, even after thousands of uses. An all-in-one home gym can definitely show signs of wear, especially if maintenance is neglected, but you can still find some great used ones out there. Face it, exercise equipment is like boats; people buy them with every intention of using them all the time, but after a while many people find that they’re just sitting there collecting dust.

I’m a big fan of adjustable dumbbells, and yes, I got mine used. They have a few more scrapes than if I would have bought them new, and one of them is slightly bent, but they work as new and can still give me a great workout. They are my pick for the one, single piece of exercise equipment you just have to own. I gave all the reasons why I like them so much and how they can really help you in a post a few months ago on adjustable dumbbells. All in all, they were a great buy.

So, if you’re looking to drop some fat, pack on some muscle, or just have some equipment at home for when you can’t make it to the gym, picking up some used exercise equipment is a great route to travel. If you have some gear for sale, or want to find a specific piece of equipment, just post in the comments section below. They are all moderated, so don’t post spam or anything that isn’t exercise equipment related. It will just get deleted, wasting your time and mine.