New Cookbook and Delicious Nutrition Guide Reveals Insiders’ Secrets to Losing Weight While Enjoying Mouth-Watering Meals Everyday


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The Question Is…

Before releasing my new cookbook and nutrition guide on Amazon this week,  I asked “Who else wants to finally lose weight, look better, and feel fantastic – while enjoying easy to prepare, delicious meals & snacks every day?” Blog comments from visitors, and talking to many people face to face, convinced him that the answer to that question was….. just about everyone.

The problem with many of the healthy eating cookbooks and plans are that they require eating diet meals that taste so bad you only lose weight because you can’t stand to eat them… or are so bland and tasteless you can’t enjoy your food like you used to? I’m a former cook in in a fine dining restaurant (back near the dawn of time), in addition to a member of the health and fitness community, so I knew there had to be a better way.


My goal was to give you recipes for meals you’ll finally enjoy; ones you want to devour over and over again. These metabolism boosting recipes can help you lose weight, gain muscle, and just plain feel renewed energy, so you can get out and do things again.

As a member of the health and fitness community, I strive to bring the healthy lifestyle to everyone I meet, but many find it difficult to achieve one of the most important parts of health and fitness, the diet.  Without that vital component however, it is virtually impossible to stay slim and healthy.

This cookbook and nutrition guide reveals the inside scoop on finally getting the body you’ve always wanted, while finally enjoying some delicious, mouth watering meals. Belly Fat Loser’s Metabolism Boosting Meals Cookbook and Nutrition Secrets Guide will let people enjoy delicious and easy to prepare meals they would eat just for the great taste, never mind the fact that they can be a key part of a powerful weight loss and muscle building strategy, too.

My goal in writing this book was to put powerful nutrition secrets to work for people, while letting them avoid some common mistakes many people make when they’re trying to lose weight. One common complaint with many diet plans however, is the taste of many foods on their lists, which can leave something to be desired from a taste standpoint.

Special Principles Inside That Let You Enjoy Your Food AND Lose Fat… With Only Tiny Changes

In addition to mouth watering cuisine people can look forward to preparing every day, here is just a small sample of the powerful nutrition secrets included inside:

– Not Simply How to Prepare Delicious Meals, But Why They Work to Help People Lose Fat and Gain Muscle, So They Can Apply The Powerful Principles Contained Inside to Every Meal They Eat. Your benefits go far beyond this cookbook.

– A Powerful Secret to Cutting the Calories of Some Meals Nearly In Half, Without Changing the Ingredients or Hurting the Taste. In Fact, It Will Make Food Taste Better, and Increase the Food’s Nutritional Content..  That Means Faster Weight Loss, and More Enjoyment!

– A Super Easy Number System Shows Exactly When to Eat Every Meal for Maximum Effect. Exactly When to Eat is Extremely Powerful, and  a Key to Success.

– Some Powerful, Yet Simple Ways to Eat Great and Still Lose Weight That Will Finally Unlock The Weight Loss Door, or Help People Gain Pounds of Lean, Hard Muscle – Without Turning Their Lives Upside Down.

– Nutritional Information on All the Meals Contained Inside, So People Know Exactly How Healthy Their Meals Are.

– A Food Component You’ve Probably Been Told is Healthy, but a Leading Researcher Called a “Fat Producing Bomb”.

– Some of The Foods You Thought Were The Healthiest May Be Anything But? Discover how to tell the difference between them and the really healthy foods (many of which are almost identical), You’ll eat like you want to, plus lose weight and gain muscle much faster and easier.

It’s simple. Food is the fuel that moves you. Just as your car sputters and runs poorly when you get a tank of bad gas, many people have probably been doing that to themselves (even if they thought they were eating healthy) and didn’t even know it. This new guide and cookbook shows people some simple changes tat can completely change how they look, feel, and perform.

Hury, and grab your free copy while you still can! The price goes back up before the weekend (but it will still be a heck of a deal, I promise….. then again, free is free, right?)

Thanks for stoping by. Now go cook up some delicious, healthy grub!