Well, Here they are, a fine set of cankles. Now, how the heck are you supposed to get rid of them?

Well, Here they are, a fine set of cankles. Now, how the heck are you supposed to get rid of them?

Cankles – Defined as the area between the calf and the ankle, when there is no separation between said calf and ankle, just a smooth blob of fat between where the ankle should get thinner at the bottom of the leg, and where the heel starts.

You may think that cankles are A: no real problem and B: something no one really knows about. I did too, but obviously I was wrong, since none other than fitness Mecca Gold’s Gym has designated this month as cankles awareness month. See how well it worked? Now we both know what cankles are. Even someone definitely not known for any connection to physical fitness, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, designated a few minutes of his show to discuss the scourge that is cankles.

If cankles are so deserving of national attention, one wonders how the heck you can get rid of them, because anything that gets this kind of publicity should obviously be done away with, post haste. Since cankles are comprised of 100% fat deposits, you eradicate cankles the same way you tackle any other fatty deposit found on your body, through diet and exercise.

There is no such thing as spot reducing. It exists only in the minds of the excessively idealistic. If you have too much fat in one area, you can only eliminate it by getting rid of excess fat in all areas. Your body simply burns fat for energy, and isn’t too particular when it does so. It’s up to you to make it burn that fat so your cankles disappear.

Here is a quick plan for getting rid of cankles:

Stop eating those things that are white, or comprised of things that are white. This is basically white flour, refined sugar, and white rice.

Cut back on fried foods, especially as those tend to be coated in one or more things from the list above. You don’t think they make that breading with whole grain flour, do you? Fat has roughly 2.3 times the calories per unit of mass than does the other two building blocks of nutrition; protein and carbohydrates. That is why fatty foods tend to be so fattening, they usually have more calories.

Start applying some portion control. If your idea of dining out involves rolling down your window, you need to stay far away from any of the larger items on the menu, since most of them could feed the average Somali family for about a week. They’re just plain too large.

After you’ve applied some portion control, you’ll want to actually eat more; meals that is. That’s correct, you’ll want to eat more meals, spread throughout the day, but keep your total caloric intake  enough to make lose fat, and your cankles, in the process. That lets your body actually assimilate the nutrition you eat, instead of experiencing overload, and storing what it can’t use immediately for later. You know how it stores that excess food? That’s right, as fat, just below your calves.

I know, exercise isn’t what many people have time for, or especially want to do, but you get in some of the sneaky  kind that will help you lose some fat. By sneaky exercise I mean the kind of exercise that doesn’t involve any person screaming at you, foam mats, or weights (although some people actually pay for that stuff). Just take the stairs for a couple of flights, park farther away and walk, and walk around the office or living room while talking on the phone instead of sitting on your kiester.

That is how to get rid of cankles. You can do the faster cankle reduction plan as well, and you what that entails, don’t you?