How to Lose Belly Fat – Loss Tips You’ve Never Seen Before

If I told  you that you could lose 5, 10, 20, or 30 pounds this year, yet not diet, exercise, or spend more than a few minutes a day doing it, you’d be all over it, right?

Yes, crunches will tighten your abs, but despite the plethora of cool ab contraptions marketed on TV informercials, ab exercises won’t do too much to help you lose weight. Instead, check out some of these cool tips……

Well, it’s the new year; a time when millions of people have resolved to lose fat. Unfortunately, most of those  now resolute folks will have lost much of the will power to reach their goal of a newer, slimmer them before they rip open their first heart shaped box of chocolates next month. Here is how to lose belly fat with some tips that will have you losing fat, without doing the same old thing once again.

You know all the same, old song and dance: you have to burn more calories than you eat, you can’t out exercise a bad diet, don’t skip breakfast, eat more small meals, do more cardio, bla, bla, bla. The fact is that you probably know most of what there is to know about how to make that fat fall away from that belly you’re toting around. The problem is that it’s a heck of a lot easier said than done to keep up with what you need to do for the length of time you need to do it, right?

Health Clubs Do This, Because You Let Them….

A friend of mine is in management at a local health club that’s part of a large, national chain. He revealed an interesting thing to me the other day. He said that in December and January clubs intentionally oversell their club’s capacity even more than usual. Why? Because of every 100 members that join in January because they resolved to “lose weight this year”, only 12 will still attend the club at the end of February,  and only 2 will still attend by the end of March.

That means only 2% of well intentioned folk who join a fitness facility to lose weight even stick with a regular exercise program for 90 days! This, despite the fact that they’re still paying club membership fees for the length of their 12 month contracts. Doubtlessly they’re intending to get to the gym “tomorrow”, but we all know when tomorrow comes. That’s great for the clubs, who can continue to collect their money for the remaining 10 months, selling even more memberships all the while, but not so great for the folks who need to lose  weight.

That’s where these unusual tips come into play. They are some things that you can do that are a bit out of the ordinary, but very effective nonetheless. You can follow them all, cherry pick the best ones, or focus on your goal and completely change your life so that you’re living like an Olympic athlete. Any of those strategies will do the trick, but maybe it’s best to pick something that is a little easier to stick with, then add in some more powerful strategies when you start to taste success.

Fat Loss Tip #1 – Do the Easy Stuff First

If I told  you that you could lose 5, 10, 20, or 30 pounds this year, yet not diet, exercise, or spend more than a few minutes a day doing it, you’d be all over it, right? Well stick with me. Doing the easy stuff first may be easy, but it’s also powerful. These little tips can jump start your metabolism and help you burn more fat each and every day.

Like…..drink ice water 2 hours after each meal and 1 hour before. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? The fact is that you can burn about 25,000 calories every year with this simple trick alone, and that is 8 pounds right off your midsection. This ice water consumption has the added benefit of ensuring that your body is always properly hydrated, without which optimum fat burning is  impossible.

Here’s a cool tip that can really help. Renowned fitness author Tim Ferriss revealed a ton of almost too good to believe strategies in his new book, The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman Great title! It is really full of some amazing info. Check out what people are saying about it in some of the 1,000+ customer reviews on on Amazon. One of those powerful fat loss tips is that just using an ice pack on your upper chest and back area for 30 minutes a day, days a week can significantly increase the amount of fat your body burns. You can do this while you’re exercising, or just watching TV, and it’ll go to work  for you.

Here’s another easy weight loss tip for you; make some changes to how you eat. No I don’t mean going on a diet, I’m talking about small modifications that will activate hormonal a metabolic triggers that make your body burn more fat, more efficiently. One of these is to shift your carb intake to earlier in the day. This keeps insulin levels lower when you’re sleeping, making it less likely that you’ll store fat.

Okay, enough about coldness and ice, here is another tip that doesn’t require you to go anywhere near your freezer.

Fat Loss Tip #2 – Change, But Don’t Change

Don’t stop eating. Yea!! Actually, although you definitely don’t want to stop eating, you can do a bit of stealthy food replacement. Change a couple of the foods you’re eating now with some of these turbocharged fat burning foods. They’ll help promote fat loss, they taste great, and you’ll really not be changing a thing as far as your daily routine goes. The funny thing is that some of these foods can be almost identical to the foods you’re already eating.

Here’s an interesting food swap example……..

If you’re eating beef, that’s great, American beef producers need all the help they can get. Beef has gotten kind of a bad rap when it comes to fitness, and although it is not entirely undeserved, beef can have an important role in helping you burn excess body fat. However, the big beef guys may not be happy with what I’m about to share with you.

You see, much of the beef you eat is not something you’d want to put into your body if you really knew anything about what was hiding in there. I had a friend some years ago who’s family raised beef cattle by the thousands. He loved to eat beef, and did so frequently. However, he and his family didn’t eat the same beef as they sold to you and I.

They kept a group of special cows to eat for themselves, and you won’t believe why….

What many people didn’t know however, was that this guy and his family didn’t eat the same beef they sold to the restaurants and grocery stores. They ate from a special stash of cattle they kept for family and close friends to enjoy. Why would they go through the trouble of doing this? After all, raising cattle is hard work.

It’s because they ate only cows that were 100% grass fed. There are actually three powerful reasons why his family kept the good stuff only for themselves and a privileged few. The first has to do with nutrition. You see, the diet of any animal determines the nutrient content of the meat, and that’s certainly true with beef cattle.

Most beef cattle spend the lion’s share of their time hanging around on the feed lot, not doing much of anything but consuming a special diet of corn and soy based commercial animal feed. There are numerous reasons why that does not a cow that you’d really want eat make, but one of the most powerful is that corn and soy based animal feeds are highly processed and tons of chemicals are used in their growth and production. That means you’re eating that stuff too when you eat those cow’s meat.

To top it off, those grains are not the natural diet of cattle, and it’s not what their digestive tracts are optimized to consume. They traditionally eat grass and other green plants found in the fields they graze. Why does that matter? Well, cows eating corn and soy have more digestive disorders than do grass fed cattle and are more susceptible to disease. They have to be fed antibiotics to combat disease, otherwise they’d never make it to market.

That means they can be a breeding ground to antibiotic resistant bacteria. If you’ve followed the news at all over the past few years, you’re well aware of the problems we’re facing with many of these so-called “super bugs”. Feeding our food sources a steady diet of antibiotics is one of the contributing factors behind these emerging antibiotic resistant bacteria.

You may think that “super bug cows” would be problem enough, but what he revealed to me next just about made me sick!

Have you ever been to Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Oregon, or any other of the big beef producing states and seen the humongous feed lots where the cattle is fattened up before heading to market? We’re talking acres of cows, doing nothing but standing around eating. Not to put too fine a point on it, but what do think happens when they just stand around and eat all day long?

That’s right, what goes in must come out. They stand around happily, chewing their cud and eating more grain based feed, then pooping all over the place. The problem is that they also happen to be pooping where  they’re standing around. I don’t know about you, but I’d never really though about the fact the most of the meat I was eating had spent most of it’s last months literally standing around in a crock of shit.

This fecal matter leeches into the animal’s bodies through cuts and scrapes in their lower legs and hooves, and is yet another reason why the cattle are fed a steady diet of powerful antibiotics. If they weren’t, they’d drop dead of sepsis thanks to their constant exposure to blood borne bacteria.

My friend said that many of these cows are so sickly that he about puked just thinking about eating them. They aren’t the dreaded “downer cows” you may have heard about, but face it, if you’re going off to the slaughter house in a couple of weeks, does it really matter if you’re not completely healthy? Exactly! It doesn’t, so as long as they can walk to their deaths, that’s good enough! Not all cows from all beef producers fit this description, but………

Fat Loss Tips You've Never Seen Before

She obviously knows how to lose fat!

Hold the Phone! Some beef is really good for you and it helps you burn fat and gain muscle!

So, now that you have a little window into one of the dirty, little secrets of what you’ve been eating, lets look at the good side. Beef can be a very healthy and nutritious food that can do great things for your body, including effectively helping it burn fat. It is a high quality protein source, and that’s good for kicking your metabolism in the butt, just stick to the grass fed variety, if you can.

How Beef Helps You Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Grass fed beef is chock full of something you don’t normally find too much of in beef; conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This is a special kind of fat that has been demonstrated to help you burn fat and increase your overall health. It comes from the diet your food eats, something I touched on in my post about nutritious foods a few months back.

A study entitled “Conjugated Linoleic Acid Reduces Body Fat Mass in Overweight and Obese Humans“ performed in 2000 by Blankson et al, demonstrated that including CLA in your diet can significantly decrease body fat levels while maintaining lean body mass. In that study, obese people who did not change their diets, except to include CLA supplements, experienced significant body fat loss.

A newer double blind, placebo controlled study of CLA effects on body composition from Dr. Ehrling Thom (most of the other references on the Internet call him Thom Erling, likely because everyone has cribbed other articles on the subject and forgotten that references list researchers last name first. No one bothered to track down any actual research done by the good Dr., and the original mistake has been propagated all over the net) a Norwegian researcher who also has a patent pending for reducing skin atrophy with a special vitamin D combination. Dr. Thom’s research used a double blind, placebo controlled protocol to ensure accurate and scientifically significant results. He found that, while it didn’t generally promote weight loss, participants taking CLA supplements lost between 15 and 20% more body fat than those downing the placebos.

Couple the power of CLA to the other nutrients, such as protein and iron, found in beef and you can see it’s a recipe for fat loss and muscle gain.

Fat Loss Tip #3 – Medical Hypnosis Treatment

How Something  You’re Not Even Aware of Can Help You Lose Weight

Need something a bit more powerful and under the radar? Try medical hypnosis. This isn’t just heading to your local hypnotist so you can have the crowd laugh as the chairs are pulled out from under you. I’m referring to visiting an actual medical professional hypnotherapist who specializes in treating behavioral problems such as smoking and weight loss. As much of the problem with weight loss is in out minds, it only makes sense that at least a partial solution could be found there too.

Does it work? Why yes, it does, and it’s been proven in research studies to be an effective tool for losing weight. A 1996 meta-analysis program by Kirsch of 6 different studies hypnosis weight loss studies found that hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was more effective than behavior modification alone for weight loss.

The downside of medical hypnosis? It works better for some people than others, and it is fairly expensive, although it could be argued that carrying excess fat has an even larger, long term cost. Some health insurance policies will cover some or most of the cost if your physician prescribes the treatment however. If nothing else has worked well for you, this may be a tip worth pursuing.

These are just a few weight loss tips that can help you drop those pounds for the new year. Repeat after me, now… Do the easy stuff first, because you can.

What have you found to help you lose weight and/or gain muscle so far this year?