How to Lose Body Fat

The Secret

There is one thing that so many people ignore when trying to figure out how to lose body fat. In many ways it’s as important as all the chicken breasts and steamed vegetables you eat, and all those extra reps you did in the squat rack. If you want the real key that unlocks the secret of how to lose fat, you already have it; you just may not know it.

That fat loss key is your mind. Your mind is ultimately the most powerful tool in your fat loss (and muscle building) arsenal. It will have the greatest impact on your success or failure. It all comes down to belief and desire. You have to believe you can lose your fat and you have to have the burning desire to do it.

To change your lifestyle, I mean really change it, you need a whole, new mindset. If you’re really strong mentally, you can even convince yourself that foods that are bad for you actually taste bad too. Once you’ve flipped that switch in your head, your fat loss and fitness journey will be so much easier. Until you make the change upstairs though, you’ll be the fitness equivalent of one paycheck away from living on the street.

Many people have one or the other; either the desire or the belief, but fewer have both and fewer still keep them for any length of time. Are you one of them? You can be, but you have to retrain your way of thinking. You have to view your body, how you eat, and how you work out in a whole new light.

One thing you can do is retrain yourself to not eat until you feel really full. Eat more slowly and eat until you begin to feel full, then stop. If you eat more slowly the impulse that tells your brain you feel full will be more closely aligned with what’s going on in your stomach. It tends to lag a bit, and eating slower will allow you to feel fuller on less food.

Stay positive. A positive mindset goes a long way towards allowing your to achieve your goals, weather they be a target weight, earning more money, or finishing that garage remodel you’ve been tackling for the last 6 months. Yes for some it’s easier said than done, but you can do it.

That saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” may oversimplify things a bit, but the fact is that you’ll meet many difficult challenges in your life, and you can meet them in one of two ways. You can let them beat you down, or you can fight harder when faced with adversity. Those are really your only two choices, so why choose the one that will eventually result in your defeat?

So, before you can eat right and exercise to lose fat, and more to the point, maintain the lifestyle you need to stay trim and at least semi-lean, you have to win the battle going on upstairs in your head.

That, my friends, is the real secret of how to lose body fat.

Until next time………………..Lose your belly fat!