The Amazing Weight Loss Story of Christian Evans

From 405lbs to 215 in Only 10 Months


I’ll save you the math; it’s 187lbs. Christian Evans exemplarizes the health and fitness lifestyle, and has accomplished an amazing weight loss feat. He lost damn near 200lbs in a year! Not only did he lose the weight, he did it without surgery, pill popping, or magic. To top it off, he lost fat and gained significant muscle mass.


Here’s Christian’s weight loss story:

I want to begin by thanking Mr. Steve Faber for reaching out to me. I am honored and forever grateful for this opportunity to share my story.

My name is Christian Evans. I was born, raised, and currently reside in Peoria, Illinois.

Losing weight starts in your MIND. It is not about the diet. It is not about the gym. It is not about someone’s program. It is about changing the way you think. Letting yourself know it is time to make a change. Setting a goal in your head and doing what you have to do to accomplish that. With this mentality, on

May 5th 2014, I weighed in at 215 pounds!

On July 5th 2013 I started my journey at 402 pounds. I lost 187 pounds within a ten-month period. I did not take any diet pills (although I have in the past), have surgery, or any other crazy fad that is out to lose my weight. It took loving myself and the will power to succeed.

Being 6 foot 3 and 400 plus pounds, I was always droggy, angry, constantly frustrated, rarely happy and in denial about it all. I had severe sleep apnea where I had to sleep with a cpap machine. This was embarrassing. I was taking high blood pressure medication to add insult to injury.

September 2008, I lost my mother to complications from breast cancer. CANCER SUCKS! Growing up in a single parent home, she was all that I had. I have brothers, but she was my all. Her passing put me in a dark place. I thought being admitted to the hospital at the age of 24 with high blood pressure was the lowest point in my life. Her passing dwarfed that 100 times over. 2011 I lost my cousin to a heart attack. He was like an older brother to me. The very next year I lost my Grandmother. Words can not describe how much I loved her. I loved them all. Their passings were eye openers. One way or another they were all health related. When my family members passed I drowned my sorrows in food.

I had to be honest with myself. I had to change my mind as well as my diet. I was out of control. No one is responsible for me but ME! I had to OWN IT! This journey I knew I had to go on it alone. I couldn’t depend on anyone to do the work for me.

I began to educate myself on what I was eating. I started to look at everything different. How I was eating for the past 30 years was out of control. Now when I say, “what I was eating”, I mean, I had never given it any thought before hand. Where did, what I was eating, come from? How was it raised? How was it grown? What did it eat? These thoughts had NEVER came in my head before.

How Did I Lose the Weight?

I did not consume any refined sugars or processed foods. Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices, all natural smoothies, herbal teas, soups, and healthy meals is what I consumed. In ten months of being on this diet along with a consistent workout schedule I lost 187 pounds. I had never in my life dropped that much weight. Every day I would weigh myself and see at least two to three pounds gone. These results kept me going. The results outweighed (no pun intended) the temptation to give in. I work as a cook. I am constantly surrounded by food. Sweets, cheeses, and starches are my weaknesses. Being constantly under the pressure to easy access to my temptations was tough not to give in. As I stated before, the results, outweighed the temptation.

I never imagined inspiring as many people as I have through my weight loss. I did not lose weight with the intention for attention. I lost weight for me. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. No more anger, high blood pressure medicine or sleep apnea. My outlook on life is more love, positivity and encouragement to myself as well as others.

My goal now is to inspire you! I decided to share my story by creating a blog-site

This will give you an in depth view of my weight loss journey as well as how I am currently maintaining it. Weight loss is really a lifestyle change. Change starts in your mind. Once you change your mind you will be ready to change your life.


Now that’s super inspiring and the perfect way to start off the new year! You can follow in Christian’s footsteps for 2016. Here he is today, after losing even more weight. Follow him through one of his workouts in the video below.

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What’s your weight loss story?