Just take these magic acai berries and a colon clense and watch the weight just fall off! No, that was the crap people were pushing last year. Here are three great weight loss tips that science has actually proven to radically improve the success of any weight loss program.

Losing weight is certainly no easy task, although it may not have to be quite as difficult as you think. The key to successfully losing weight, as with so many other worthwhile endeavors,  is working smart, not just hard. There are some simple tips you can incorporate into your weight loss program that will really help you ramp up the effectiveness of what you’re doing.

With that in mind, here are some of the simplest tips I’ve ever found that are actually scientifically proven to radically increase your weight loss. Any time you can easily increase how well something works, it bears looking into, don’t you think? That rings especially true given the season into which we’re heading, which is well known as a time of eat now and  regret it later.

Easy Weight Loss Tip Numero Uno –
This is so simple, you’d think that there is no way it could work, except that it has actually been scientifically proven (safe and) effective in clinical research. Are you ready for this radical, new technique that magically eliminates all the calories from the most delicious foods (kidding about that last part)? Keep a food journal. That’s it.

Not only does science suggest that it is an effective weight loss strategy, the level of success goes beyond all rational expectations for something so simple. A 2008 study of 1,700 participants completed by Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research, and published in the August, 2008 edition of American Journal of Preventive Medicine revealed that participants who kept track of everything they ate and when they ate it actually lost significantly more weight than those who didn’t. Significantly, as in twice as much. In fact, the study’s lead author Jack Hollis, Ph.D said “The more food records people kept, the more weight they lost”. Sounds like a darn good reason to become a food journalist, if only for yourself.

Easy Weight Loss Tip Two –
Swear off your healthy diet habits once a week. I can eat crap one day a week and actually lose more weight? Rejoice, happy days are here again! There are several reasons for the success of this strategy. Increasing levels of the powerful hormone leptin is one of them. Decreasing your caloric intake for long periods causes a subsequent decrease in leptin, which signals your brain to eat more, because, like a good Italian mom, it thinks you’re just not eating enough. The once a week trip to the all you can eat pasta and pastry buffet is a great way to ensure that your leptin level is reset back to healthy, high levels.

Another reason this tip works is that it keeps your metabolic decrease at bay that happens when you radically cut your caloric intake. The “Sunday splurge” is a fantastic diet tactic to help ensure that your metabolism keeps hummin’ along at a brisk pace, letting your fat loss efforts do likewise.

Easy Weight Loss Tip Three –
Come back here to Belly-Fat-Loser often. No, really, it works! A study released this summer demonstrated that people who visit health and fitness / weight loss websites actually kept off more than double the weight that people who didn’t visit such websites.

The study, published in the July 27th issue of The Journal of Medical Internet Research, (can you believe there really is such a thing?) The study actually used a special website that had built-in features designed to help people stay motivated and track their progress (food journal, 21st century style?). It found that people who went online for weight loss an average of once a week or greater had an effective long term weight loss success rate of 3 times that of those who didn’t.

“Personal counseling is probably the Cadillac of weight loss and weight maintenance plans, but the availability of the Internet was a big part of the success here.“ said Madelyn Fernstrom of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Weight Management Center. She cited the Internet’s 24/7 availability a a big reason for the success. Basically, people could use the Internet as a surrogate for a personal weight loss counselor.

Let’s see, write it down, eat total crap once a week, and spend time on the net browsing health and fitness sites to keep you informed and motivated. That sounds like some pretty easy ways to help your weight loss program succeed, don’t you think? After all, you’re on the net right now, so you’ve got that one covered already.

Let me know how it works!