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/Weight Training Routines

Bench Press Technique Mistakes That Kill Development… and Your Back

Bench Press Technique Mistakes
They’ll Kill Development… and Your Back
Wanna see some funny shit? Head down to your local gym and check out bench press techniques. It’s not just that

bench press technique mistakes you look damn silly; they hamstring development, and can make one of the best upper body power and development movements into an injury-riddled disaster.

Yeah, it’s […]

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Rotator Cuff Strengthening – It Can Make Your Whole Upper Body Stronger

Rotator Cuff Strengthening
How Strengthening the Rotator Cuff Muscles Can Make Your Whole Upper Body Stronger
If you’ve been training for some time or involved in almost any sport, there’s a good chance you’ve felt that pain knifing through your shoulder that accompanies a rotator cuff injury. Yeah, it sucks, but you’re on a long and distinguished […]

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Great Leg Workouts That Work Fast

Great Leg Workouts That Work Fast

Leg workouts are the key to success for many things in fitness. Weather you’re trying to lose fat, improve strength for football or skiing, the right leg workout can make it happen. Maybe you’re a bodybuilder and want to have legs like Tom Platz or Ronnie Coleman; well, you’re in luck, […]

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How to Develop Personal Weight Training Routines To Achieve Your Goals Fast

How to Develop Personal Weight Training Routines
Achieve Your Goals Faster
Weight training routines are personal things, different for every person, depending upon their body and their individual needs. Maybe you want to be the next Mr. Olympia, you might want to win power lifting competitions, or you just want to lose weight, build some muscle, or […]

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Build Bigger Biceps – Why You Haven’t Been Able To

How to Build Bigger Biceps
Almost every teenager, bodybuilder, and weekend athlete wants to build bigger biceps. For many people it remains an elusive dream, although there are a lucky few that seem to have been blessed with giant guns from the get go. Why can’t you seem to build larger biceps, even though you’ve tried […]

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Weight Training Routines That Will Make You Stronger and Leaner Fast

There’s nothing like training with weights to initiate a real improvement in your body. In fact using weights and other forms of resistance training can make a larger impact, in less time, on your looks and performance than almost any other form of exercise. Here are some weight training routines that will make you stronger […]

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Shoulder Workouts – Deltoid Muscle Exercises to Cap Your Shoulders

Shoulder workouts are one of the foundations of a fantastic physique. After all, your shoulders define your look in front or rear silhouette. Do you want full, rounded delts, or slumped shoulders that look like you’ve never done a workout in your life? If you want a workout to make you proud of your shoulders […]

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Dumbbell Workouts – Dumbbell Exercises That Will Have You Bigger, Stronger, and Leaner…Fast

A dumbbell workout can be the greatest thing to hit your fitness routine since, well since you started the thing. Dumbbells have several advantages over resistance bands or barbell weight equipment. Sure, you can any of those pieces of equipment to gain strength, increase muscle size, or lose fat. Dumbbells however, offer advantages the others […]

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Bench Press Workouts – How Only 30 Minutes a Week Can Break Your PR and Help You Lose Fat Too

The bench press is one of the best single exercises you can do to increase power and develop musculature in your upper body. The sheer amount of muscle you involve when hoisting big weights on the bar just about guarantees you’ll get something out of it. Just how much depends in large part on the […]

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Aerobics is a Waste of Your Time if You Want to Burn Fat

Call me a heretic, but it’s true, if you want to burn fat, aerobics is a waste of your time. Better yet, research supports this position, and not just a study in someone’s garage, either. How can that be when everyone who wants to lose fat just knows they have to do 45 minutes to […]

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Free Workout Plans – Number 1 – The 20 Minute Fat Loss Muscle Workout

Yes, this is a free workout plan, but the fact is that the best free workout plans are as only as good as the effort you put into them.  Weather free or a million dollars, you have to follow it. Consistency is key to any fat loss or body building program. Here is a great […]

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The Best Fat Loss Exercise – Squats?

Is it possible that that old bodybuilding standby, squats, is the best fat loss exercise? There is a strong case to be made here. There are several things that make the case for squats as being the best fat loss exercise.

Squats as the best fat loss exercise – The case for:
Squats involve a huge amount […]

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