Is it possible that that old bodybuilding standby, squats, is the best fat loss exercise? There is a strong case to be made here. There are several things that make the case for squats as being the best fat loss exercise.

Squats as the best fat loss exercise – The case for:
Squats involve a huge amount of muscle mass. You strongly stress the largest muscles in the body when you do squats. That means that you burn, proportionately, a lot of calories for each set of squats, when compared to other weight training movements.

That’s an advantage t be sure, but the real reason that squats are the king of fat loss weight training exercises is because it is a fantastic overall lower body mass builder. As you blast your glutes, quads and hamstrings, they respond by getting bigger and denser. With squats you are adding lean body mass as you can with virtually no other exercise.

That muscle is vital to your fat burning efforts because the more you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate. Raising your basal metabolic rate is the real key to fat loss. The elevated rate makes you burn more fat throughout the day, weather you’re on the bike or on your butt, watching reruns of CSI.

Muscle uses approximately 20 times the energy of fat tissue when both are just sitting there, staying alive. So, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. You just have to make sure that you fight the urge to eat like a pig. When you’re lifting consistently your appetite goes through the roof. If you give in to your food cravings, you’ll gain muscle, but it’ll have company; that’s the fat you’ll be gaining right along with it. So, do your squats, but stay away from the buffet down at the King’s Table.

So, there’s a great case to be made that squats are the best fat loss exercise. Just do your squats, ride your bike, and stay away from the white flour and sugar. Your fat will start to melt away.