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Top 10 Hip Hop & Rap Workout Tracks

Top 10 Hip Hop & Rap Workout Tracks
So, I’m old school…. before Hip-Hop. Yeah, the sun DID rise back then. I was the last generation that had rock based pop, before the hip-hop explosion. That being said, hip-hop pretty much rules for workout music. In case there were any doubts, I just did a survey […]

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The Best Workout Music – The Belly Fat Loser Top 10 Best Workout Albums

There’s just something about having great music when you workout that can make or break your workout. It drives you, and keeps you going when you want to do nothing more than pull off, have a cold drink and relax. With the right music, you can get that one, last rep at the end of […]

By |October 20th, 2010|workout music|4 Comments
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